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Event Detail

Wednesday, 02 January 2013

Conference on Economic Corporation held in January 02, 2013 - Islamabad

President Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PAJCCI) Mohammad Zubair Motiwala and Co-president PAJCCI Khan Jan Alkozai have said that custom posts at the  Pak-Afghan border open on all seven days of the week would facilitate transportation of goods between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This he said while holding Press Conference after Economic Cooperation Conference here today at local hotel. 

           President PAJCCI said that after opening of Pak-Afghan board would increase bilateral trade between the two countries by up to 13 per cent and also reduce cost of freight transport. He said relaxation in Visa policy for businessmen would also helpful in resolving the challenges. Mohammad Zubair Motiwala has said that the purpose of Economic Cooperation Conference is to present an opportunity to translate the vision of a more stable and prosperous region through a concrete action plan , with roots in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

            President PAJCCI further said that there are great opportunities for export of Cement, Textile, Food items, Oil , Furniture , Construction material, Vegetables , Fruit Pulp, Rice , Wheat Engineering goods and many other items are required in Afghanistan. He further appealed to contraction Companies to participate in tender for huge re-construction work going on in Afghanistan, this Chamber will soon put on website, offers for construction contracts available in Afghanistan. Mohammad Zubair Motiwala said that trade was playing an important role in fostering relations between the two countries and expressed the hope that trade between them would further enhance their existing relations. He informed that establishing a special economic zone on Pakistan’s side near the Afghan border for manufacturing goods and their export to Afghanistan would also increase trade.

            He said Turkey had shown interest in engaging itself with the PAJCCI in a tri-lateral arrangement and Tajikistan was also interested in a similar arrangement. He further elaborated that in last four years trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan has enhanced from $ 1.5 million to $ 2.5 million and certainly the potential was more than $ 10 billion if conducive atmosphere is provided to both the business communities.

            Mohammad Zubair Motiwala added, the conference has been a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas for the political leadership, economic decision makers, exports and the international development partners. He said that the aim of the conference was to lead towards a multi-dimensional approach to bi-literal cooperation: regional Economic growth and resources corridors.  He said, ‘Peace and trade go together and we have to work on both and we will work together for regional stability and prosperity of both countries.

Wafiullah Iftikhar, CEO/ President, Afghanistan Investment Support Agency has said that government of Afghanistan has always endorsed the principles of market economy and private sector development and has therefore availed ambitious private sector legislative programme. On the other hand the presence and commitments of international community to a stable, self reliant and prosperous Afghan private sector is also worth counting in making Afghanistan open for business. He said that government has been steadily engaged in easing the trade and investment procedures and developing an efficient legal framework for investment , entrepreneurship and innovation in Afghanistan. For the last eight years, more than 28,000 firms in different sectors have been registered with AISA, with a total capital of $ 9 billion. Foreign direct investment makes approximately one-third of all private investment in the country such as Telecommunication, Airline industry, banks , Insurance companies, construction firms etc. He further elaborated that Afghanistan is open to business and there are many investment opportunities in the country. As one of the key investment support activities, AISA regularly conducts its research activities.

 On the occasion Mozammil Shinwari, Deputy Minister for Commerce & Industry, Afghanistan, Fazal Abbas Maken, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan,  Sikander Ahmed Rai, Exec. Director General, Board of Investment, Pakistan,  Ahmadshah Zamanzai, Director General, Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan, Wahidullah Waissi, Director General for Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan, Syed Abrar Hussain, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan,  Muhammad Aimal Marjan, Director General, Ministry of ICT, Afghanistan and  Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Member Telecom, Ministry of IT & Telecom, Pakistan

             At the end Mohammad Zubair Motiwala thanked speakers, participants, CIPE, British High Commission and staff member of PAJCCI (Pakistan Chapter) for organizing Economic Cooperation Conference in Pakistan.